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LOBOS Volleyball Club offers comprehensive volleyball training for girls 8 – 18 years old in Denver, Co.

Lobos  has been established to provide top quality training and competitive opportunities for young athletes at all levels of development. This experience will enhance social development as well as teach the values of teamwork, self-discipline, responsibility, self-esteem and self-motivation.


Club volleyball offers a competitive level of play for girls who are interested in improving their skills and gaining the experience necessary to play in middle school, high school, college and beyond.  Club volleyball provides players the opportunity to practice, train, and compete against other club volleyball teams locally, regionally, or nationally. All coaching, uniform, practice and tournament expenses are factored into club dues. 

LOBOS also offers several programs for players of various skill levels. Our volleyball camps and clinics are offered year-round and provide training opportunities for players of all ages and ability levels. We offer flexibility in joining one or more sessions and are open to all players regardless of club affiliation.

We want to provide the best possible volleyball experience to every athlete enrolled in our program. We care for the full athlete – as a player, person, and student We begin with the development of fundamental technical skills, teamwork and encouraging personal habits that will lead to success in any walk of life.

Thanks for your interest in LOBOS VOLLEYBALL CLUB!!


  • To become the highest quality volleyball club in the Metroplex, committed to providing quality training while developing and showcasing the skills of our young athletes.

  • Provide top level experienced and knowledgeable coaches.

  • Maintain a coaching philosophy throughout the club to focus on Positive Reinforcement, Encouragement and Motivation.

  • Provide an opportunity for the athletes to reach their full potential in preparation for the next level of play.

  • To create a positive environment that promotes sportsmanship, competition and fair play

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